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[Wed/Aug/2007 at 3:38pm]
my apt. is chillin. 311 was chillin. summer is chillin. work is chillin. my life is chillin and i love it<3
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[Tue/Jun/2007 at 3:10pm]
i love that it is finnally super hot becuase if it isn't like 9 degrees i'm freezing. i hate that my mom is an idiot and that i'm going to live in the ghetto. but at the same time i will love it becuase she won't be there. i'm moving out monday so that's pretty sick. work is a bitch and it feels like my second home which is definatly not good. some little fagget hit my car when i wasn't even in it so that is just proof that goes to show you that i have the worst luck ever with cars and it really isn't my fault. i kinda wish that i was swimming at the rez right now but obviously i've got shit to do which is shitty. i hate that i have no female friends that want to chill becuase i feel like i might turn into a boy which will not be good. but i love the sign they made me for graduation becuase JUDY IS FINALLY FREE! i hate that my cell phone is beyond broken. but i love that i have a week vacation next week and i want to go camping at the beach or some shit and get fucked up and chill. other than a few downs, life is mostly up's which is good. i bought the cutest little bowl ever last week and it has a rainbow and trees and a buttlerfly and water and the sky on it. its the best. now i have to go find some boxes.
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[Thu/Jun/2007 at 12:54pm]
monday june 11 - peace out cumberland high school and this time i mean FOREVER. finally<3!!!! :))))))):))):))):)))!!!!!
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[Thu/Apr/2007 at 7:58pm]
being alive for eighteen years has been pretty cool and i finally am and have been waiting for ever to just finally not be 16, but when i try to buy cigarettes, scratch tickets and go to lincoln park i still don't get carded :( just once i'd like to be carded and be leeeeegit<3 leeeeegit is me and ricky<3 leeeeeegit is only loosing 84cents at the park and drinking scorpion bowls with my best friend<3 me and the ricksta got a BOMB hotel room for prom. so may 18 anyone that is cool can contact me and come to our sick hotel paaaaaarty. i love my dress. i loved my birthday and soon my car will be oh so PIMP. so i pretty much have like 20 something days of school left which is amazing. i can't wait to go to arthur angelo and pimp out some hair for bitches. i can't wait for this summer! hopefully i will be living down in gansett working at the coast gaurd house and making mucho luche, however if not i will be peaced out of my house and living in an apartment somewhere that is not section 8. life is goooooooooooood<3
oh but ps- i really don't like sausage saus fests.
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[Thu/Mar/2007 at 9:09am]
life is so wierd. i am sick of this crazy weather. yesterday and the day before i was so warm and now i'm back in a winter coat. lame. anyways, i can't wait till april and april vacation and my birthday and then no more school. i want to go spring clothes shopping and prom dress shopping. i hate how it's so early and no one is up becuase i am BORED.
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